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Bernd Jansons : May 1, 2017 10:49 am : Featured, Poetry

There is a large Manchurian Pear tree just outside my window. It is deciduous. As I watch, brownish-yellow leaves drop to the ground around it; sometimes singly, sometimes in groups smitten by a sudden gust of wind. Soon, the last leaf will fall and the tree will be bare. Another generation will have been and gone. Until the next one.

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Red Sun in the Morning

Bernd Jansons : November 20, 2011 6:09 pm : Featured, Poetry

Unsheathed at break of day in crimson flooding light
Sailor, beware the red sun coiling in the bearded morning dew
and know the eternal storm waits beyond the sweetly smothered berth
where dark dreams twist disturbed within the tethered chrysalis
and deep still waters rage monstrously to engulf the bladed spirit
whose choice becomes to drown of thirst or drink the salty brine
of unrelenting normality and endlessly miscarried expectation.

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This Shall Not Pass

Bernd Jansons : November 2, 2011 10:24 am : Featured, Poetry

This shall not pass
Not while blood flows
Not while breath draws
Not while reason stands
But far beyond
As mighty waves
Claw and rip each grain of rock
Over eons of tide
Not until the last grain falls
Then and only then
Shall this pass!

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The Steppenwolf

Bernd Jansons : October 30, 2011 9:52 am : Featured, Poetry

He was a Steppenwolf or so he thought
not that he knew what that really meant
but it had a certain kind of ring to it
that he found appealing and appropriate.

In actual fact things made little sense
and he had begun to question it all
particularly what he needed to do
in order to provide himself the meanings.

One thing he knew for sure and that was this
that to rely on someone else is fraught
with the potential for disappointment
as each of us pursues our own agendas.

When all is said and done it just remains
to be at one with all but most of all
to be at one with you yourself and know
the rest may not agree or even sometimes care.

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